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    1. 本品不適應于防護有害氣體和蒸汽的呼吸防護用品。
    2. 不造用于缺氧環境、水下作業、逃生和消防用呼吸用品。
    1. 禁止改裝和濫用本品。
    2. 請勿靠近煙火。
    3. 請勿用強力拉扯耳掛,否則,會導致其斷裂。
    4. 當面部胡須、毛發或者其他因素可影響面部與口罩之間密合性時,不能使用本產品。
    1. 注意防水、防高溫、防腐蝕性氣體。
    2. 避免陽光直射,存放在清潔、干燥和通風良好的室溫環境下。

    [Not Applicable]
    1. This product is not suitable for respiratory protection against harmful gases and vapors。
    2. This product is not suitable for hypoxic environment,underwater operation.escape and fire breathing supplies。
    [Inspection Before Use]
    Please check the packaging and product pefore use. Do not use when the packaging is damaged or the product is damaged.
    1. Do not modify or abuse this product.
    2. Do not get near smoke and fire.
    3. Note:too strong pulling force will cause the earloop to break.
    4. Do not use this product when facial beard,hair,or other factors can affect the adhesion between the face and the mask.
    [Storage conditions]
    1.Keep away from water,avoid high temperature,and corrosive environment.
    2. Avoid direct sunlight,keep in clean,dry and well-ventilated room temperature.
    3. Valid for 2 years.

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